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David Dennard

Strategic Business Partner
PXT Select, A John Wiley Brand

My constant goal is to provide our world-class employee assessment solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries to help them select, retain and promote a “High Performance Workforce”.

My favorite part of what I do is to actually seeing these great solutions in action, making a big positive improvement in performance at companies across the entire nation. By helping businesses place the right people in the right jobs, I help both the companies themselves as well as the individual employees by making their lives more productive, less stressful and more fulfilling.

Having experienced my own stresses and frustrations at being a “round peg in a square hole” at several jobs over the years, I know personally how valuable good job fit is for everyone concerned.

The PXT Select enables our clients to select future “top performers” for their candidate pool with an 82% average accuracy, as well as to close the performance gap with their current employees. The key to a productive, engaged workforce is correct job-fit and the PXT Select offers the best predictive tools in the assessment industry for speed, accuracy and affordability.

In these challenging economic times it’s critical for companies to accurately measure their own best employees in various key job functions and then use those benchmarks to gauge the desired core competencies and performance levels in others. The benefits from increasing performance and reducing hiring costs go directly to the company’s bottom line. Our tools are particularly critical for Sales teams and Customer Service departments to help their managers maximize revenue and increase customer loyalty.

David’s background is in Sales/Marketing, Advertising and Entertainment Media. He was educated at The Colorado College, Stanford University and The University of Texas at Austin. A fourth-generation Texan, he currently resides in Dallas, TX.